Why I’m Changing the Direction of my Business

Do you ever start to think about where you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? And then wonder how in the world you’re going to make that happen!?

Well, I had one of those nights where that’s all I could think about and that night turned into a whole week, and during that week I did a LOT of self reflection!

I had to set aside what I actually THOUGHT was possible for my future and think about what I WANT for my future.

The gremlins would tell me:

“You’ll probably still be working full time exactly where you’re at.”

‘It’s not so bad; you have a lot of perks at your job… you’re so lucky!”

“You shouldn’t try to branch out and risk failing at something new… again.”

But, then the persistent dreamer in me would pipe in and say:

“Life is too short not to try!”

“Why would you want to settle when you can strive for what you really want?”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to set your own schedule, spend more time with family, and do something you ENJOY?”

So, naturally, I started to think about what I enjoy doing. And the answer to that question is why I decided to change my focus for this website and my business.

I was able to admit right away that while I enjoy writing, it’s not something I want to do every week. So, then I asked myself, “Why are you focusing on writing blog posts every week then?”

I also was able to finally admit to myself that I didn’t really enjoy designing wall art (for the most part), and I had no desire to design more home management templates.

Again, I asked myself, “then why are you spending your time and energy on them?”

Then, it came down to what I DO enjoy doing?

And the answer was that I really enjoy creating fun new products like mugs, totes, and gift items! I enjoy creating products that people can buy for themselves or gift to others, and I love to picture someone opening a gift to something I created!

I’ve also been working on custom designs for weddings and other events, and I have really enjoyed doing that!

I’ve considered doing wedding/event stationery for quite a while now, but I was worried that the niche was too hard to be successful, and that I simply wasn’t good enough. (Wah Wah)

When I really let myself dream a little, I started to think about how fun it would be to have a little boutique in town where I could meet clients for custom designs, and also sell my gift items, and maybe feature other small business products, too.

Now, obviously that is further down the road, and I am not sure I’d even want to deal with the stress of having a storefront, or if my business would even get to that level…

My point is, I didn’t see myself creating wall art; I didn’t see myself doing home management templates; and I didn’t see myself spending my days writing and blogging.

When I came to that realization, I decided to make changes in my business to reflect what I DID see and want in my future.

I want to set aside the gremlins that say it isn’t possible to achieve what I desire.

The only way we can move toward what we want is by taking the first step, and knowing it’s okay to not see the whole staircase! (Thanks, Martin Luther King Jr.)

With all of that said, I have decided to focus less on blogging and more on designing. I will still publish posts when I have something to say or if I feel it’s relevant, but it won’t be on a schedule.

I will slowly be phasing out the wall decor in my shop and will eventually be closing the planning shop.

I’ve already added new totes to the gift shop and will continue to do mugs and other gift items!

In addition, I am working on growing my portfolio of custom wedding designs to hopefully launch a new wedding and event stationery line!

So, in the coming months you can expect to see some changes to the website to reflect my focus on design work and less on blogging. And you’ll see changes in my shops to reflect my new focused niche of gifts and wedding/event stationery.

I’m so grateful to be able to make these changes to my young business and have so much support in whatever new pursuits I have!

I don’t know where my business will go… life changes so fast sometimes and you can never really know what to expect… But, I will choose to do what feels right to me, and in the process I hope to build a beautiful life full of new experiences!

Thanks for joining this journey of mine!

Always, Maria

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